Cell for Students with Disability

Cell for Students with Disability with special needs, looks after the welfare of the physically challenged students and offers them care, guidance and counseling. The facilities provided by the cell in the college are :

  • A staff member will be designated as personal care-giver and counselor to each differently abled student . He/She will handle all the related issues empathetically and sensitively.
  • Altruistic students will be designated as Friend's to each differently abled student, to make his/her college life pleasant and stress free. They will offer cheerful company and required assistance.
  • Regular health checkups will be conducted at the Health Centre of the college and record of their health would be maintained.
  • Scholarships are also awarded as well as procured from the government.
  • Reserved/Priority seats in the college Library.
  • Separate queues in offices and library.
  • Career Guidance & Counseling .
  • They must fill the prescribed from available with Inchargeor can be downloaded from the college website.   

      Incharge: Dr. Rajbir Gulia (History Deptt.)