College Alumni Association

Alumni Association of the college offers a common platform for the ex-students and ex faculty members of the college. The Members of the Jat College Alumni Association are designated as

\"The Heroes\" of the Alumni Association. Principal is the Ex-officio, President of the Alumni Association. (For details please visit the college website)

It offers generous scholarships to the needy, deserving and meritorious students (for details see Scholarship Section in the college Prospectus or visit the college website).

Alumni Meet is held once in year. It serves as warm interactive forum for all the present and ex-students; the present and ex-faculty members. Alumni refresh their fond memories and offer sound advise for the improvement of the institution. They take keen interest in the welfare of the students and progress of the institution. Their invaluable suggestions are highly appreciated and incorporated in Prospective Plan for Development of the college. Alumni of the college have earned accolades in almost every walks of life : Cultural, Sports, Academies, Administration, Engineering, Medicine, Law, Politics, Science etc. Alumni can also fill the Membership Form online on the college website.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Co-ordinator : Dr. Ramesh Dabas. (Chem. Deptt.)