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September 14, 2019

Department of Computer Science


Computer affects every aspect of our lives and become a necessity in modern time, without which life is simply unimaginable. Computer Science is the study of computers including their design, their uses, data processing and system control. It also includes engineering activities such as designing of computers and of the hardware and software. The department of Computer Science at A.I.J.H.M. College was established in 1998 with BCA and BIT Courses. But BIT course discontinued after one session. In 2001 M.Sc. (CS) and APGDCA courses were also started. The department has highly qualified, young, energetic, committed and dedicated Staff.

Dr. Usha Chhillar

It is a pleasure to head the Department of Computer Science. The Department offers M.Sc. (Computer Science), Bachelor of Computer Applications (B.C.A), B.Sc.( Computer Science), B.Sc. (Information Technology) and Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Science (PGDCA). The Department has a team of highly experienced and motivated faculty members who are in process of tuning the young minds to make them globally competitive.

The strength of the Department is highly motivated students who understand the dynamics of the industry and upgrade their skills accordingly. The scope of computer science is endless. The students of the computer science  are highly demanded by the recruiters of the top companies.

Depending upon the interest of the student, he/she may choose to go for higher studies or if employed can choose to do teaching, research, development, design, production, application, testing or management in the computer science and Information Technology industry.

We not only give emphasis on theoretical study but also in understanding what computers are, what is its architecture, how to efficiently program them,  to write an effective algorithm, the interface between the computer and the user, the computer graphics, computer networking, managing the  database, software engineering and testing them efficiently and more.

During study at the Department, the students are encouraged to get hands-on experience on programming assignments and projects in Computer labs.

With this brief introduction, I welcome you to be a part of our journey towards being excellence in education, training and research.

With best wishes,

( Dr. Usha Chhillar )

To create the most conducive environment for quality academic and research oriented undergraduate and postgraduate   education in computer science  and prepare the students for a globalised technological society and orient them towards serving the society.


1. To provide quality education to meet the need of profession and society.

2. Provide a learning ambience to enhance innovations, problem solving skills, leadership qualities, team-spirit and ethical responsibilities.

3. Establish Industry Institute Interaction program to enhance the entrepreneurship skills

4. Provide exposure of latest tools and technologies in the area of technology.

5. Promote research based projects/activities in the emerging areas of technology convergence.



Computer Science Strategic Plan


 There is  desire to establish institutional priorities at the College where focus is placed on creating new opportunities for education and research that are aligned with global challenges and mesh with University priorities. It is equally important to maintain the flexibility of supporting individual and small-group initiatives as the College has done in the past.



We will excel in the integration of classroom theory with practice-based learning, discovery, and research.


We seek and embrace innovation in interdisciplinary areas that align with Penn State priorities in learning, discovery, and governance of our academy.


We seek to provide a welcoming environment that shows respect for different cultures, backgrounds, and viewpoints.


We conduct our tasks ethically and with integrity while respecting our colleagues to ensure public trust.


We collaborate across disciplinary boundaries to advance knowledge through our teaching and research. We will collaborate with outside stakeholders such as alumni and those working in industry and federal agencies to strengthen our research and teaching.


Sr. No.Name DesignationLesson Plan
1.Dr. Usha ChillarAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
2.Ms. AnjuAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
Sr. No.Name DesignationLesson Plan
1.Mrs. Anjana SinghAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
2.Mrs. Pratibha AhlawatAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
3.Mr. Nishant JakharAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
4.Dr. Pramod NaraAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
5.Ms. SunainaAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
6.Mr. Sumeer KumarAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
7.Ms. Rina RaniAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
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