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September 14, 2019

Department of Mathematics

The Department was established in 1944 in mainstream of this College. Prof Sher Singh had laid the foundation of this department. The department runs the foundation course in Mathematics nurturing students to impart high quality education. The Post graduate course in Mathematics has been introduced in 2008. It has a team of highly qualified faculty members. Most of them being PhD holders with specialization in recent and advanced fields such as Analysis, Algebra, Fluid Mechanics, Number theory Fixed Point Theory, Reliability Modelling, Seismology. The Faculty is actively engaged in research activities. Besides the academic activities, we organize the Inter-College Mathematics Quiz at UG and PG Level and Mathematics Fest magnificently upturning the concepts and thoughtful creations in Mathematics.

A heartiest welcome to the Department of Mathematics. The Department runs the Post Graduate program in Mathematics and Under Graduate Scheme in BSc (Non-Medical), B.A, B Com, B.C.A. and Biostatistics in MSc. Botany. It has highly qualified and dedicated faculty, attributes to high quality education. We aim to create analytical and logical thinking among the students. The College Mathematical learning is quite contrasting from the school learning, hence worth, the students are motivated to learn beyond the syllabus which definitely completes the knowledge of the subject. We facilitate a gradual continuity in the learning of subject right from the beginning to the endmost and deliver a quality combination of numerical with deep theoretical subject knowledge.

This Department aims to instill analytical and logical thinking in students of Mathematics and stimulate the mathematical feeling as a significant province of human thought.

The mission of faculty of Mathematics is to develop the skills of students to achieve today’s framework leading to better career opportunities. Apart from strengthening the existing areas, we intend to grow the mathematical characteristics in scientific computing and all its illustrations.


Sr. No.NameDesignationLesson Plan
1.Dr. Jagatveer Singh SehrawatAssociate ProfessorLesson Plan
2.Sh. P.K. KhuranaAssociate ProfessorLesson Plan
3.Dr. Meenal MalikAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
4.Ms. Meenu LohchabAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
5.Dr. Rekha RaniAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
6.Dr. Rajbala MalikAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
Sr. No.NameDesignationLesson Plan
1.Sh. Manjesh KumarAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
Sr. No.NameDesignationLesson Plan
1.Dr. Anil KumarAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
2.Mrs. MonikaAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
3.Mrs. Mamta Assistant ProfessorLesson Plan
4.Dr. AnitaAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
5.Mrs. SheetalAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
6.Mr. Rahul HoodaAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
7.Dr. SikanderAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
8.Mr. Happy HoodaAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
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