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September 14, 2019

Department of Zoology


The Department of Zoology came into existence in 1957. Since the beginning, the department is engaged in running Under Graduate Course in Zoology. The Department has highly qualified, experienced and committed faculty.

All the staff members of my department are performing excellent duties for the welfare of students. The students are fully satisfied with their teaching and learning process.

The Department of Zoology is committed to being recognized as a centre of excellence in teaching in various areas of animal sciences to cater to the needs of students. Establishment of postgraduate classes in our department. To encourage the students to achieve status services in society.

The Department of Zoology is dedicated to excelling in teaching to serve the society by encouraging social, ethical and moral values among the students. To produce students who are dedicated to their duties for the nation.


Sr. No.NameDesignationLesson Plan
1.Dr. Suresh Kumar ChhikaraAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
Sr. No.NameDesignationLesson Plan
1.Ms. Suman SehrawatAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
2.Ms. HimaniAssistant ProfessorLesson Plan
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