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September 15, 2019

Meet the Team

Jatin Singhroha

The First in charge, Jatin have designed & customized the main Home Page and the main widgets you interact with, many a times during your time on the website. He also applied some codes to fine tune some things here & there and present the landing page you see. He played the main part in backup, migration & CMS installation before and after the development phase.

He is currently pursuing MCA from MD University, Rohtak and earlier completed his BCA from AIJHM College, Rohtak. He wish to become an application Programmer and Developer someday.

Naseeb Panghal

The Second in charge, Naseeb have designed & customized the beautiful and easy to use navigation you see throughout the website, including the inner page templates not just the menus. This awesome project wouldn't have been possible without him. He is dominantly responsible for putting all the content nicely together and present in the best way possible.

He completed his BCA from AIJHM College in May, 2019. Currently, he is adding on his skills from online courses, guides & apps and also working on some ambitious projects.


Mukul Ghanghas

Mukul Ghanghas was the all-rounder, the one who was always there with everything needed - The solutions, the suggestions, the assistance. And also the one who kept the atmosphere lively which otherwise would have felt much more hectic during the development phase.
He also played a huge part in finalizing customization of many parts and also helped in putting all the content together including the Latest Notifications and more.

He completed his BCA from AIJHM College, Rohtak in May, 2019 and currently pursuing MCA from MD University, Rohtak.

In the

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Er. Nishant Jakhar

Assistant Professor,
Computer Science Department,
All India Jat Heroes' Memorial College, Rohtak.

Er. Nishant Jakhar guided the above mentioned team of three of his former students about what the college requires, the requirements of college website, the constraints within which the work is needed to be done.
He was ever present with all the assistance required - be it the availability of systems to work on, the good internet connectivity and all the other resources required, including all the content from different departments and faculties. He was the main communicator and connection between the college & the team working on the website. His Guidance helped putting together everything and shaping this website as it is today.

This project would have never been a reality, had he been absent.

AIJHM College Rohtak