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September 16, 2019



Welcome to All India Jat Heros’ Memorial College, Rohtak .One of the most prestigious institution of higher learning. This historic college was established in 1994 to commemorate all those Jat Heros’ , Known and Unknown ,who laid down their lives in the cause of justice and democracy in the second world war and with noble objectives to eradicate illiteracy ,ignorance and pernicious social evils through the spread of enlightened , progressive and value oriented education. In this eventful journey of seventy five years, the college has taken progressive initiatives to mature into a vibrant centre of excellence.

This renowned library of All India Jat Heros’ Memorial College contains more than 64297 books almost all sort of topics under 15000 different titles , 12 newspapers ,50 journals, 38 magazines. Besides this weekly ,fortnightly and periodicals are under the approach of students and staff members.

Everyday more than 200 books are issued to students. The library has a dedicated team of seven members to look after the library.

About the Library

The earlier library of the college was not so well equipped , as it is in present. The earlier library was established in 1944 . Mr. Om Parkash worked here as the first librarian. After him many librarians worked here and tried their best to make this on the heights. As a result , the new library come in to existence. Former Chief  Minister  Sh.  Bhajan Lal  inaugurated the existing library and it was given the name after martyr Lt Rakesh. Mr. Rakesh , the martyr of Jammu and Kashmir was the student of this college. Many librarians contributed their best efforts in the development of this library, Dr Sunita has been working  here as a librarian since last eleven years.

The college has a central library for the use and benefits of the students , staff members ,research scholars and local community. The central library of  the college is supplemented by the departmental libraries in the various departments of the college particularly the PG departments.

The central library has a rich collection of around 64297 books apart from the departmental libraries.

It subscribes to more than 53 journals , 35 magazines and 12 newspapers in Hindi and English.

The library is connected online to e-books and e-journals. It is a member of DELNET and N-LIST.

Reference section of the library is very rich as it is well stocked with Encyclopedias , Dictionaries and  a large number of books by renowned national and international authors of publishers. It caters to the need of brilliant students, research scholars, teachers and stimulates them intellectually.

The library also has a reference service in the form of CAS , SDI and newspaper clippings.

The central library is computerized.

The OPAC/Library catalogue allows the users to search any book/journal/magazines of their choice by author, title , publisher or keyword etc. It has up to date catalogue about occupancy of the library.

Twenty computer terminals have been placed for users for accessing internet facilities.

New additions in library section are displayed on the ‘New Arrival Display Rack’. Books in abundance demand for issue can be reserved by any user on the circulation counter.

Library has a wall paper where students can display their poems,articles ,literary materials.

There is air conditioned reading hall well equipped with dailies , weeklies , periodicals and journals on a variety of subjects.

There are separate reading rooms for girls and research scholars.

During examinations,library remains open till evening if there is demand from students.

The library development council is chaired by the Principal,staff members and students on board so as to chalk out plans and strategies for the development of the library.  

Total sitting capacity: 500 sq, Mts 

Total sitting capacity: 200 Students

Learning Resources

Services provided by the library

  1. Circulation of documents
  2. Book – Bank service
  3. Reference service
  4. Inter library loan
  5. Documentation service
  6. Current awareness service
  7. Selective dissemination of information
  8. Internet
  9. Notice/Display
  10. Newspaper clippings
  11. Reprography and Printing

ICT Services

  1. OPAC
  2. Electronic Resource Management package for e-Journals
  3. Federated searching tools to search articles in multiple databases
  4. Library website
  5. In house/Remote access to e-publications
  6. Library automation
  7. Total number of computers for public access
  8. Total number of printers for public access
  9. Internet bandwidth -10 mbps
  10. Institutional Repository
  11. Content management system for e-learning
  12. Participation in resource sharing network/consortia(like Inflibnet)
  13. 5000+ e-journals(including current issues + 10 years back files and 1000000+e-books

e-resources:  INFLIBNET(http://nlist.inflibnet.ac.in/eresource.php)


Library Rules

  1. Maximum of two library books to UG and three books to PG students can be issued .Reference books will not be issued.
  2. Library books can only be issued only for fourteen day with library tickets and identity cards
  3. Books must be returned on or before due date. In case of any delay fine of one rupee per day per book will be imposed.
  4. Magazines (excluding those for current month/week) may also be issued for two days. Fine will be imposed in any delay in returning magazines/periodicals.
  5. Students are not permitted to take books outside the library without being issued.
  6. Identity card of students issued by library cannot be used by another student. Students must immediately inform librarian in case identity card is lost.
  7. Students themselves will be responsible for the books issued on their library card. They have to pay in any kind of damage to books. The damage will have to be compensated for either in cash or with a new book.
  8. In case a book is lost by student , he/she must inform the librarian.
  9. A dignified silence must be maintained in the library.
  10. All the books must be returned before final exams.
  11. Entry of students in the library is allowed only with identity card.

Rules for students

  1. Listen to the librarian.
  2. Inquire if you need help.
  3. Be respectful to others.
  4. Always walk never run.
  5. Place books to the proper place.

Books Care Rules

  1. Handle all books with care.
  2. Always use a book mark.
  3. Be responsible and return books on time.
  4. Keep your book neat and clean.
 Timings & Other Details: 
1.Working hours daily8:30 AM -3:30 PM
2.Before Examination days8:30 AM -3:30 PM
3.During examination days8:30 AM -3:30 PM
4.During Vacations8:30 AM -3:30 PM
5.National holidays and holidays as per MDU CalendarClosed


1.Dr Ravi Dev (Convener)
2.Dr. Dilbag Kadiyan
3.Dr. Rajni
4.Sh. Dayanand Malik
5.Dr. Sunita Dhull
6.Dr. Meetu Bharti
7.Dr. Usha Chillar
8.Pragati (M.Sc. Student)
9.Arun (M.Sc Student)

    Recent Activities

  1. Visit to Maharshi Dayanand University Library ,Rohtak on 04/02/2019
  2. One day workshop on “How to use e-Resources , e- books and e- Journals” on 13/04/2019
  3. One day induction Program on “Information about Library Services” on 11/09/2019

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